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© Celine's Dolls™

I create one-of-a-kind dolls, inspired BY YOU and made WITH YOU!

You answer a questionnaire and send me pictures: you tell me what makes you or your little one special, and I come up with an original design just for you.

I involve you in the creative process, showing you the materials thoughtfully selected and you get to see your Mini come to life via Instagram sneak peeks! It is a wonderful experience you will never forget! ❤

Each doll is lovingly handcrafted with the finest materials (designer fabrics, Merino-wool felt, hypoallergenic fiberfill) and carefully detailed with the most beautiful adornments (unique pieces I have been collecting for years).

My dolls have become very distinctive all around the world, as they brim with authentic personality: yours! And their message is most important: be exactly who you are and keep shining bright! ★


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For an exclusive ready-to-gift collection in Miami, Florida, contact Morris & Co. at:

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

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